Kids Musical Instruments with Xylophone Tambourine for Kids, Toddler Wooden Percussion Toy Set for Kids Preschool Educational Early Learning with Free Carrying Bag by STYDDI

Feel the beat of 14 in 1 Kids Musical Instruments from STYDDI with Your little ones!!!

Why choose STYDDI?
Because we pay more attention to the details, all the instruments in this Little Band set are:
√ Made by non-toxic and safe material
√ Fantastic preschool learning toy for kids
√ Get your baby's attention
√ Easy to play in group or individual
√ Easy to collect and store
√ Various types of instruments with beautiful sound
√ The best gift for kids

Package Contains
Rainbow Hand Bell
Bell Stick x 2
Wrist Bell x 2
Finger Castanets x 2
Jingle Stick
Rain sounder
Small Sleigh Bell
Large Sleigh Bell

1.When playing, please be accompanied by adults. It will be much safe to avoid kids using Claves or Mallets, strikers to hurt themselves in eyes or face.
2.The tambourine head is made of a sheet of special parchment. Kids can play it by clapping with hands. Please not use other strikers, which may break the tambourine.

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